Unschooler Guide to Marine Heritage Gallery at Jakarta, Indonesia

English Post / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Indonesia is a beautiful country surrounded by the sea. On March 2017, Susi Pudji Astuti, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, open Marine Heritage Gallery.

Marine heritage gallery is a museum. Showcasing cargoes from shipwreck vessel, maritime diorama, many kind of fish both from outside and inside, Indonesia.

As part of our Unschooling journey, we’ll visit museum or library to make learning more joyful and gives real experience. Also for socialization.

How to get there

It’s located in front of Stasiun Gambir. To be exact: Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur 16 can be accessed by car and motorcycle.

We use Transjakarta and stop at Gambir 1 or Gambir 2. Walk toward Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry.

There’s an ally beside Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry. Take that road, in about 100mtr you’ll found GD Mina Bahari IV on your left.

What to wear

Casual outfits are fine


What inside Marine Heritage Gallery

First floor of Marine Heritage Gallery

First floor are showcases of maritime diorama, a lot of different types of fish are presented.

Not only local fish, it also have fish form Amazon, Africa, and many more country.

Second floor of Marine Heritage Gallery

It contains, Corgoes from shipwreck vessel. There are 3 Places where cargoes was found.

1. Belitung shipwreck

According to UNESCO belitung shipwreck is also called Tang shipwreck or Batu hitam (black stone) shipwreck.

Founded by a fisherman back in 1998. 60k pieces of cargoes were recovered, consists of ceramics, most of which are Changsha ware. The cargo also represents the biggest single collection of Tang Dynasty (9th century). That’s why it’s called Tang Shipwreck.

2. Cirebon shipwreck

Named by its location found, in the Northern Java Sea, Indonesia. Around 10th centuries, this vessel was failed to exporting a large amount of Yue yao (Yue ware).

A Chinese porcelain produced in the ancient region of Yue. 50k pieces of cargo was found in this locations.

3. Pulau Buaya shipwreck

Pulau Buaya shipwreck consists 30k item, most of them are ceramics from South Pong periode (1127-1279).

Discovered in 1989, in the Southwest part of Lingga Islands water, Riau Island province.

Study of the wreck can teach us more about the Maritime Silk Road and the most common maritime routes.

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