How unschooler learn in daily life

English Post / Thursday, December 14th, 2017

We choose homeschool. And today I will share how unschooler learn as part of life.

As a parent, we should understand how we learn will affect our child development.

Unschooler learn anything that spark their interest. Any occasion can be their class to learn. Even when parent arguing in front of kiddos. They will learn.

This event happened, when we have to spend weekend at Puncak, due to excruciating Traffic Jam.

How unschooler learn about negotiation, ant, and swimming.

My second child is early riser. Right after woke up, she will search for breakfast.
I told her, breakfast available at 7am.

How unschooler learn about negotiation

After wandering in the room, she gets bored. And ask me to accompanied her to the swimming pool.

I said, “I’m reluctant to go. It’s early morning, very cold outside”
“what can you offer, so that I will do what you want?”

“Mmhh.. What do you want, mama?” She reply

M: “I will go, but I don’t want to swim, I will read while watching you. And after half an hour you’ll have to finish”.

K: “An hour ya ma, and I promise I won’t take a bath too long”
She spent an hour just to take a bath. I guess she love water so much. Her dream is to become mermaid.

I negotiate with my child because negotiation is life skill. And it can be taught or showed

According to Family Education:
‘Negotiation involves empathy and compromise and children who learn to negotiate acquire and learn the importance of these abilities. Parents who teach their children to negotiate with them, as well as with other adults and children, enhance their confidence, self-esteem, empathy and social relationship skills.’

Scott Brown, author of How to Negotiate With Kids Even When You Think You Shouldn’t, said this:
‘The negotiation between parents and kids can actually be a great learning experience for your kids. If you don’t negotiate, your children may not learn how to deal with conflicts constructively. If you don’t teach them how to work with you, they may never learn how to work with others.’

How unschooler learn about ant and swimming

After both of us agreed with decision.
We go downstairs.

She warmed up and I take pictures of the hotel and mountains scenery.

I was standing back to back to her. And I realised something was strange. So silence, she’s not warmed up or swimming.

When I looked at her.
She is bend over with head almost touches ground.

How unschooler learn

M: “What are you doing?”
K: “Mama, is this a bee?”
I walk toward her to see, what makes her fascinated.

M: “This is an ant”.
M: “What makes you think this is a bee?”.
K: “It have big butt like a bee”.

I google and showed her picture of a bee and ant.

K:”Yes mama, this is an ant”.
K:”Can you find this kind of ant on google, I want to know what inside it butt”.

Google again and open Ask a Biologist, youtube, and other site, to learn about ant.

What unschooler learn about ant :

  1. Ant didn’t bite! Ant have sting that ejected a venom (caused burn, or itchy).
  2. Ant made scented trail, for their fellow to follow. That’s why, moping and sweeping is not enough to clean up its trail. You need a mix of vinegar and water to remove the scented trail.
  3. What she thinks ant’s butt, actually its gaster (part of abdomens). It’s contain ant heart, digestive sistem and chemical weapon.
  4. Ant’s queen is the biggest.
  5. What she found is probably an ant worker. It is female.
  6. Ant male only survive until mating season. After that, they will dead.

For about twenty minutes we learn about biology. In the verge of swimming pool.

I reminds her that she only had, half an hour left to swim.

She immediately jumped into the water.

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