Learning anytime, anywhere

English Post / Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
Kiddos learn at anytime she want, with anyone she can ask.
She had asked me to help her read ABC, early in the morning. Just before I went to work.
Or asked me play school-time at 9pm.
As parents we should be ready to help her, while the urge to learn come.
This happen noon time.
While everyone should be take a nap.

Playing with Papa

I bought this book almost two year ago. It have stories and worksheet.
For months she doesn’t want to write on worksheet.
All she want to do is we read aloud all stories in it.
Yesterday, all of the sudden. She ask me to help her. While i still take a bath.
Hence i told her to ask papa for help.

And here they are.


Reading, counting, writing, have fun together.
While i enjoy my ‘me-time’ 😀

Homemade Ice Cream

After playing with Papa. She asked me to buy ice cream. I told her, why don’t we make it?
Of course she’s happy, she always love to cook or craft project. I think all kiddos like that.
Once we finish blended our ice cream, she put it on the refrigerator. She had to wait for 8 hours to eat her homemade ice cream.
I told her, tomorrow morning she can have breakfast with pancake and ice cream.

Star Glazing

It’s 7pm and she was not sleepy yet. So i ask her to go outside and watching the stars.
We have Android App on my phone, to help us find name of the stars above us. It’s Sky Map.

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