Review : Permata Alam Hotel

English Post / Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Permata Alam Hotel

Permata Alam is Indonesian saying for Natural Gems. We used to go to Permata Alam Hotel if we weren’t booked any hotel before.


Based on information from the reception, Permata Alam Hotel doesn’t have relation to any booking online.

So, if you want to book, you should call them directly, or just walk in. They have plenty rooms, but no elevator or bell boy to bring your luggage.

Permata Alam Hotel is an old hotel, but for us still comfortable. They have all national TV channels, and only one paid channel.

We came at 1pm and there’s only one car in the parking lot.

Lobby Permata Alam Hotel

That is Lobby of Permata Alam Hotel. You’ll take the stair if your room is on the second or third floor.


Staff were very helpful

Room and Bathroom

Standard room permata Alam Hotel


Comfortable Basic room, with central Air Conditioning, 1 table and 2 chairs in every room.

Kettle, small refrigerator, slipper, amenities, are available.


Kiddos love the bathtub, shower, and hot water.


15 minutes to Puncak Pass Resort
15 minutes to Taman Safari
20 minutes to Curug (waterfall) Tujuh (seven)
15 minutes to Gunung Mas
30 minutes to Kebon Raya Cibodas


Restoran Hotel permata alam

Buffet Style with limited choice. Usually, we never had problems while having breakfast. But that morning they ran out of food, so we have to wait until refills come.


Puncak has beautiful mountain scenery. But, my suggestion doesn’t take a day trip to Puncak.

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