Visit Puncak : Trip on The Weekend

English Post / Monday, December 11th, 2017

Are you planning to visit Puncak? I wont suggest you, to take a day Trip to Puncak on the weekend.

Why? Traffic jam extremely dreadful along the way.

Visit Puncak on the Weekend is Bad Idea

Second week of November, we plan a quick gateway, to Puncak.

No plan to stay at hotel. We just want to visit Puncak, watch sunrise. And will go home right after dawn.

Friday night, we climb up. In about two hour, we reach destination.

At 2 am in the morning, you’ll experience best trip while visit Puncak 😀

Once we arrived at Puncak Pass, kiddos playing around, embracing cold breeze.

I played guitar, and hubby was busy with his phone.

At 7am we plan to go back to Jakarta. On our way home. Police officers block all traffic from Bandung. Stucked with other car, can’t go forward.

Do Tue many people love to visit Puncak on the weekend, it caused traffic jam. Hence police scheduled To Blocked Traffic (Open/Close) every two hour.

We parked by the roadside. And talked with the locals. As information from them, schedule open/Close is changing. It took 4 hour, now.

Tired, sleepy, hungry, pissed off, we change schedule and search for a hotel to rest.

Visit Puncak for a day trip change to spending night at Hotel.

At 1pm we arrive at the hotel. Even though it only 6KM, from the point we parked to the hotel.
What a waste of time!!

Kiddos still have plenty of energy and asking to swim. Hubby accompanied them. I choose to sleep.

Visit Puncak : Places to go


If you plans to stay at hotel, you can visit this Park:

Taman Safari
Taman Bunga Nusantara
Taman Matahari
Kebun Raya Cibodas

Wanna Camp?

Low Prices

This place have camping ground, toilet are available. Bring your own camping gear. Or rent with affordable price. No need to book in advance.

Mandalawangi Camping Ground
Gunung Mas Camping Ground
Curug (waterfall) Cipamingkis Camping Ground
Curug Tujuh Camping Ground
Wisata Citamiang

High Prices
This camp site are more expensive than above site. You should make reservations before you come.

Kampoeng Awan
Melrimba Garden
Eagle Hill Camp
Griya Sawah Lega
D’Jungle Private Camp
Mongolian Camp
Camp Hulu Cai

So, if you want to visit Puncak, my advise is not in a day. Puncak had great mountain scenery. It’s worth to watch. Just beware of the traffic.

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